Why Is the Western Media Censoring Khamenei’s Letter to European and North American Youth

I get the animosity, I get the political rivalry, heck I even get the whole “We own the media so we’ll decide what airs and what doesn’t” thing that quite literally personifies mainstream news outlets.

But we have to admit only a lunatic would contend that a letter by Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Constitutional and Spiritual Leader (not to mention a Jurisprudential point of reference for millions of Muslims worldwide) is not news worthy. After all, these same TV channels and websites believe themselves to be absolutely obligated, almost in a twisted religious sense, to air every piece of venomous and hate-ridden rhetoric spewed out by genocidal terrorists such as Abu-Bakr Baghdadi, Abubakr Shekau, Zarqawi and God known who else. So why do they go hush hush when the supposed leader of the West’s alleged “Axis of Evil” decides to talk to the West’s youth. Obama has confessed to writing repeated letters to this very person, so I dare to assume that correspondence from him should not be contraband for mass consumption within Western countries.

It’s the only thing that makes sense to me. If Western leaders are going to march through Paris, waving around the flag of free speech, they might as well show some class and allow this message to get through. Alternatively, one may assume that there is something else going on in the background? Maybe the mainstream media just wants to bombard us with a one-sided, choreographed image of a blood thirsty, saber rattling Islam that wants to kill each and everyone of us. Maybe Khamenei’s latest message runs counter to the meticulously studio-designed aura that mainstream media in the West has developed around the very concept of Islam and all that it teachings; an aura reinforced daily by a web of viciously skewed reporting that seeks to highlight even the minutest of misdeeds perpetrated by even the most obscure of lunatics in Muslim guise. In contrast, they completely ignore anything that may lead people to form a balanced and educated appraisal of a community and civilization that boasts a world population of 1.7 billion. What, I wonder, are our self-appointed media “watch-dogs” so afraid of? Is it really that necessary for a Muslim to chop of someone’s head on video just to get a few people to listen to him?

So, what exactly does he want to “indoctrinate” our youth about. Surprisingly for many, who see the world through some sort of a medieval and twisted “us against the savages” world-view, Khamenei choose to speak of open-mindedness and objective research about Islam and its teachings. Echoing concerns raised by numerous grass-root activists in the Western world regarding the proverbial choke-hold that corporate media has over the information supply that reaches European and North American masses, Khamenei advices the youth to break through this “illusionary” barrier. This message seems to reflect the spirit of our times, a message that appeals to the 99% and asks them to ignore the fake narrative created and spread by companies and institutions literally owned and run by the 1%.

Another strong point that Khamenei makes alludes to the West’s troublesome history with hatred and stereotyping. Far too easily do we tend to forget the dormant and dangerous tendency towards violence and bigotry that lies just inches below the well-dressed surface of Western civilization. Far too often do we conveniently forget that not long ago the European continent was overrun, not by scimitar wielding savages, but by swastika waving good Aryan men. Khamenei jostles our memory and reminds us of the slippery slopes of bigotry that once led frenzied white-men throughout America racing down into the pits of moral depravity. Was it really that long ago when good white lads dragged black men, women and children out of their homes in the dead of night and lynched them like animals? As we commemorate the birth of Martin Luther King Jr. who died a martyr for the cause of universal civil rights, why do we forget that the hands that shot him in cold blood weren’t the hands of some foreign terrorist? Khamenei reminds us of facts that we have grown accustomed to burying under the carpet of our collective memories.

However, a simple but rather frightening question, with innumerable ramifications, really tops the list of things that caught my eye in this short but intense letter. Khamenei asks us to ponder, “Why the public conscience in the West consistently wakes up and comes to its senses only after a delay of several decades or centuries?” Why must we wait for disaster to happen before we finally muster up the collective resolve to push, whole-heartedly, for mutual understanding and co-existence?

This is the question that shall haunt me for at least the next few days, until the mass entertainment industry finally numbs my senses back to their original state of ignorant bliss (a state that has come to characterize our society), and mainstream news marches in to confuse my intellect with their “blitzkrieg of disinformation”.