State Sponsored Mass-Terror


  • Western Governments are busy creating, funding and supporting newly emerged terrorist groups like the Al-Nusra Front, the Free Syrian Army, ISIS and so on, all the while claiming to oppose terrorism in their so-called “War on Terror”

  • Western governments are also strengthening their historic alliances with known criminal regimes like Israel, and world famous exporters of fanaticism and hate-ideologies such as Saudi Arabia.
  • This has resulted in the hijacking of the Islamic Awakening movement and reinstating Western backed dictators.
  • Inadvertently, this has resulted in inciting civil war and foreign-sponsored rebellion in countries supporting the axis of resistance against oppressive ideologues like Zionism and imperialism.
  • Hypocritically claiming to support the “Arab Spring” while totally ignoring the sustained pro-democracy movement of the Bahraini people.
  • Playing both sides of the fence by creating and sustaining terrorists, and then portraying them as Islam’s representatives in the West’s media while vigorously censoring all genuine voices belonging to Islam’s true representatives.
  • Playing dangerous games driven by vested interests in trying to pit Europe against Russia, another of the West’s imaginary boogeymen.