Sayyid Khamenei’s revolutionary zeal can be traced back to the great revolutionary and martyr Nawwab Safawi.
It was in the year 1952 that Nawwab and some of his supporters went to Mashhad. There he delivered a dynamic lecture on reviving Islam and its Divine Rule, while warning the Iranian people of the Shah’s deceitful lies. At the time, Khamenei was a young student at the Sulayman Khan Madrasah. He recalls the event saying, “It was at that very moment … that the consciousness of Islamic Revolutionary activism sparked inside me“. In 1962, while still in Qom, he joined the revolutionary Movement of Imam Khumayni, which opposed the pro-American, anti-Islamic policies of Reza Shah Pahlavi. Despite all the persecution, exile and imprisonment, Khamenei undauntedly continued on this path for the next sixteen years.