Popular Grass Roots Changes


  • The Islamic Awakening Movement has swept through major Arab countries, toppling Western-backed dictators in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen. The people of Bahrain are still persevering in their struggle for democratic change. What has been labeled as the “Arab Spring” in Western media has also inspired many young people in the West.
  • Young people, passionate and driven by their inherent sense of justice, started the grassroots “Occupy Movement” of the 99%. This movement began in the United States as hundreds occupied Wall Street demanding that their country be reclaimed from the clutches of soulless profiteers, and soon spread to various other parts of the United States. Later on, the UK saw similar protests by university students and other common people.
  • Anti-Establishment protests began pulsating throughout Europe as people took to the streets in protest against Pro-elite economic policies. The 99% will no longer remain silent in face of the 1%’s draconian tyranny.
  • The New Civil Rights Movement in the United States led by young people with slogans such as “I Can’t Breathe”, “Black Lives Matter”, “All lives matter” ushered in a new age of public awareness against the deep-rooted prejudice and injustice that has come to plague Western society.
  • The growing Anti-Zionist and Anti-Israel movement in the Western world, led by grassroots activists, young people and academics is another example. The Al-Quds day annual protests in the heart of Cosmpolitan cities such as London, Toronto, Washington and so on,, demonstrate the formation of an international resistance front against Zionist genocide and occupation. Similarly, the BDS movement continues to achieve new heights of success as more and more academic institutes, artists and cultural centers choose to boycott the Israeli Apartheid regime and its affiliated organizations and persons.