Paul Casanova (1861-1926)

The famous French scholar, professor at the prestigious Collège de France and orientalist

“Whenever Muhammad was asked a miracle, as a proof of the authenticity of his mission, he quoted the composition of the Qur’an and its incomparable excellence as proof of its Divine origin. And, in fact, even for those who are non-Muslims nothing is more marvelous than its language which with such a apprehensible plenitude and grasping sonority with its simple audition ravished with admiration those primitive peoples so fond of eloquence. The ampleness of its syllables with a grandiose cadence and remarkable rhythm have been of much momentum in the conversion of the most hostile and the most skeptical”.

L’Enseignement de I’Arabe au College de France (The Arab Teaching at the College of France), Paul Casanova, Leçon d’ouverture, 26th April 1909