“Islamophobia” in Corporate Media


  • Information media is monopolized within the hands of a totally unrepresentative, uncontrolled and unaccountable minority. Simultaneously, the myth of free information is perpetuated by the same pressure groups in order to keep people mesmerized and intellectually numb.
  • Vigorous and unrelenting promotion of Islamophobia and Iranophobia in the corporate media, and its many affiliates within Hollywood as well as print media, is preparing the psychological grounds for future wars and acts of aggression.
  • Books insulting Islamic culture and beliefs, movies and TV serials demonizing Muslims and their holy sanctities, provocative caricatures of the Holy Prophet, defiling the Holy Quran and offending Muslims worldwide (1.6 billion people who make up 23% of the world’s population) cannot be explained away by stating that they are mere instances of the so-called “freedom of expression”.
  • Skewed and selective coverage of Middle East events that paint Islam and Muslims as manifestations of barbarism and threats to humanity while leaving out the important fact that fanatic-terrorist ideologies is created and funded by the West’s favorite allies within the Middle East.
  • Mainstream media’s frenzy to equate fanaticism with Islam using both covert and overt tactics.
  • Stifling all alternative voices and whistle blowers, while exercising open censorship against alternate News Channels such as the PressTV & RussiaToday.