Dr. Philippe Grenier (1865-1944)

A physician, member of the French parliament and convert to Islam, Geinier was a rich man whose life was transformed by the Qur’an. Inspired by its celestial teachings, Geinier adopted the Islamic faith and began practicing its tenets. Having given all that he owned in charity to Parisian poor, he began so popular that he was elected, against his will and without spending a dime in his campaign, as the first ever Muslim member of the French parliament (called the Chamber of Deputies) in 1896

“You want to know why I became Muslim. (I did so) for taste, inclination, for belief, and not by whim, as some have insinuated. From my youth, Islam and its doctrines have exercised on me an influence almost irreversible … but only after a careful reading of the Koran, followed by extensive studies and long meditations, I embraced Islam. I adopted this faith, this dogma, because they seemed to me just as rational, and certainly more consistent with science, than is the Catholic faith and dogma. I would add that the requirements of Islamic law are excellent since, from the social point of view, Arab society is based entirely on the organization of the family, and the principles of fairness, justice, charity to the poor are only in honor, and from the point of view of hygiene – which certainly has some importance for a doctor – it prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages and ordered the frequent ablutions of the body and clothing.”