Dr. Josef Horovitz (1874-1931)

Jewish German orientalist and Professor at the University of Berlin

“The Qur’an played a key role in the intellectual development of Muslims. It motivated them to focus upon scholarly research and instigated the creation of knowledge. Even their formidable military advances, that led them to the very heart of Europe, were inspired by the Qur’an.

There, in a time when all of Europe languished in the Dark Ages, the Muslim nation was responsible for lighting the torch of humanity and knowledge. It was then that they rendered such great services to all field of science and learning.

The rejuvenated the ancient sciences and disseminated their wisdom into the East and the West. Philosophy, medicine, astronomy and architecture were a few of the fields kept alive by them. In fact, it was their effort that sent us upon our eventual path towards reformation and renaissance. From this point of view, one cannot resist a feeling of nostalgia for Cordoba, the Muslim capital in Europe, and thus shed a solemn tear in remembrance of its fall.”