Dr. Charles Francis Potter (1885-1962)

Author of numerous books, American theologian

“The Koran seems to us an incoherent jumble of legend and law, but it is much reverenced and constantly read by Moslems. It is read more than any other sacred book in the world. The Christian Bible may be a “best-seller” and the “book nobody reads” in America, but the Koran is the book everybody reads in Islam. Rambling and uninspiring as the Suras seem to us, many of those who have followed their precepts have lived beautiful lives.”

“Almost every Christian home contains the Bible, but it is generally used as a mantelpiece decoration. If it were the custom of the printer to deliver this book with its edges uncut, it would, no doubt, remain so for many years. Charles Francis Potter, D.D., in his book “The Story of Religion” wrote: “The Christian Bible may be `the book nobody knows` in America, but the QurÁn is the book everybody reads in Islam.” Yes, indeed, and it is an advantage to Christianity that the Bible is “the book nobody knows.” The Bible was the first cause in leading me away from Christianity.”

The Story of Religion as told in the lives of its leaders, Charles Francis Potter, pg. 355; Garden City Publishing Company, Inc., 1929; The Great Religious Leaders, Charles Francis Potter, pg. 288; Washington Square Press, 1962