William Henry Quilliam (Abdullah Quilliam) (1856-1932)

A British solicitor, writer and activist, he converted to Islam in 1885. He is also accredited to have established the first mosque in Britain

“The Koran is universally allowed to be written with the utmost elegance and purity of language, and is confessedly the standard of the Arabic tongue. The style is generally beautiful and fluent, especially where it assumes the prophetic character.

From a literary point of view, apart from its claims to be an inspired volume, the Koran is the most poetical work of the East. The great portion of it is in a rhymed prose, conformably to the taste which has, from the remotest times prevailed in the above portion of the globe. It abounds with splendid imagery and the boldest metaphors.”

The Faith of Islam – An Explanatory Sketch of the Principal Fundamental Tenets of the Moslem Religion, W. H. Quilliam, pg. 49-50; Willmer Brothers & Company, Ltd. Liverpool, 1892