Tim Anderson


Letter Prompts Need for Critical Reflections on Islam

Imam Khamenei has touched a nerve with his timely letter to western youth, a cultured and civilised gesture which does not denounce but rather calls for reflection on our own cultures and what we have absorbed about Islam.

Listen, read and discuss, he urges, as western-backed terrorists, pseudo-Muslims all of them, attack the Arab and Muslim peoples. Visit and come to know us he says, overcoming the ‘imaginary boundaries and fabricated fences’. Referring to the sectarian monsters created to destroy Syria and Iraq he says ‘Do not allow them to guilefully introduce their own recruited terrorists as representatives of Islam.’ Come to know us first hand, he says, and let us share the best of our cultures.

Dr. Tim Anderson is a Senior Lecturer in Political Economy at the University of Sydney. He has been studying the Syrian crisis since 2011 and will soon publish a book titled ‘The Dirty War on Syria’.

Source: LetterForTruth.com Responses Section