Sinead O'Connor


Irish Singer-Songwriter, Activist and Pacifist

Dear Sir

Message from a European mother of four of the youths you have publicly written to. I’m assuming you were expecting replies from mothers and fathers who might wish to pass your letter on.

The majority of European and North American people, youth or otherwise are in fact intelligent and aware enough to have composed your letter almost word for word themselves, in their sleep.

The first sentence of your letter states “The recent events in France and simi lar ones in some other Western countries have convinced me to directly talk to you about them”.

Perhaps you have overlooked this but you never mention them again.

It’s a pristine letter otherwise, its really quite wonderful, every word of it is true. I’d like to give it to my children when its finished.

As long as it denounces every warmonger, terrorist, rapist or child-snatcher who claims to be part of any religious tradition on earth.

(This is a B but you’re well capaple of an A+).

Sinead O’Connor.

P.S. To those who advise one not say such things. I disagree. The man wants to talk with my children and yours, he has sensible things to say and he has omissions he needs to correct, and if he gets it right he’ll have everyone on his side nicely for useful conversations which may nip a lot of violence in the bud very quickly. Conversation about these things is important and once there isn’t abuse involved, there is nothing whatsoever to be lost from conversating honestly.

(The following is addressed to people who may rebuke her for responding to Sayyid Khamenei’s letter)

I do think very carefully before I publish a word of anything I write. I’m happy to stand by it. And happy to stand by my right to write, and to be truthful just as any other writer would. In short, I’m not an idiot, nor am I only a singer, so when you leave remarks like “Breathe and think about what you just published” you’re doing my intelligence as an Irishwoman a massive disservice and most likely I’ll block you for being patronizing.