Markus O'Bryan O'Heffernan


Present System of Media Disinformation Seeks Control Over Masses

Very few people in the West have ever made any first hand investigation of Islam or perhaps even their own professed religion – be that a political or religious or an economic religion. Most all are simply taking the word of some other that has presented what the particular “ism” has to say. Almost all the population takes as truth whatever is presented by whomever they refer to as authority and never do any first hand investigation of the actual. Media is known to be controlled; yet most people look to what they already know to be biased and have some kind of faith that the next particular presentation will be truthful. Indoctrination starts at an early age and requires a basic trust in authority from the very young and helpless. This helplessness is fostered and developed by the authority well into the otherwise seeming adulthood of The People such that they are actually still helpless children dependent on the trustworthiness of the authority. Of course, this trust is misplaced, but when one still thinks of one’s self as a helpless child one cannot challenge the trustworthiness of the authority.

So, first one must come to the realization that the present system of indoctrination/education/media propaganda is intent on maintaining a helpless child-like state in the population so that they can be manipulated.

Markus O’Bryan O’Heffernan