Mark Glenn


Former American high school teacher turned writer/ commentator. Author of the book “No Beauty In The Beast: Israel Without Her Mascara”
As an American Christian who has come to appreciate greatly the beautiful teachings in Islam from the same ‘primary’ and original sources referenced by the Supreme Leader–meaning the Koran–I was quite heartened to see him addressing this manner to the youth of the West. Most will assume he was doing so for only personal reasons, meaning in the defense of the Islamic faith, but in actuality I see that he was doing it for the benefit of the youth themselves. He understands, rightly and accurately, that it is going to be the young who are going to suffer the most from the deliberate smear and libel campaign being waged against Islam by organized Zionist forces in that it will be their blood, their treasure and the survivability of their own societies that will be paying the highest price by fighting a series of never-ending wars which Israel and her people have deceptively engineered between the Christian West and the Islamic Middle East.

Furthermore, the Supreme Leader, again, rightly and accurately, understands that the youth of any society is where the preponderance of power lies, in that it is they who will one day take the reins of power from their elders, and therefore by interceding on their behalf and warning them–as any caring, responsible elder would–that they are being lied to for reasons rooted in their own destruction–that their interests and future are in grave jeopardy, the Supreme Leader is acting on behalf of not just the Islamic world, but rather the entire world that stands to perish if organized Zionist interests succeed in doing what they aim to do.

As a Christian whose holy prophets and figures have also been maligned by the infamous Charlie Hebdo ‘publication’ I must find agreement with those Islamic leaders who have characterized the publication as a provocation and an ‘act of war’. The magazine and its anti-Islamic/anti-Christian blasphemy is not there to stimulate the minds of its readers with higher thoughts that eventually lead to the betterment and enlightenment of society, but rather to smear their filth over that which is sacred.

Having said that, I see this publication as but one tentacle on the entire conspiracy on the part of organized Zionist interests in throwing yet more gasoline on an already out of control fire being deliberately waged on both the Islamic and Christian worlds. Judaism–which serves as the foundation for the entire Zionist project–is not a ‘live and let live’ ideology, but rather one that seeks to undermine and eventually overthrow all competing systems, which obviously includes Islam and Christianity. Rather than waging an overt, conventional war against the 2 forces however, what organized Zionist interests have done instead is to pit the 2 religions/cultures against each other in that is hoped will result in mutually assured destruction of both, leaving Judaism and the Jewish regime as the only surviving entity.

In this capacity, Charlie Hebdo was/is absolutely instrumental in keeping this tension going between the Christian West and Islamic Middle East. How better to continue wars in places such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, Gaza, etc. going than to dehumanize an entire people through mockery, snickering and blasphemy?

I am heartened to hear that at least some thinking people have taken his message to heart, but I fear that the numbers will not be enough to make a difference. Here in America, a movie was just released entitled ‘American Sniper’ detailing the life of an American soldier–Chris Kyle–who was responsible for killing as many as 200 Muslims in Iraq. A cursory reading of just some of the quotes attributed to this murderer indicates a visceral hatred for Islam, a disdain for mercy and an absolute love for violence. The 1st day the movie was released it earned as much as $200 million dollars in gross sales. There have been few protests against it and we can be rest assured that after seeing this film:

  1. a) Hundreds (thousands?) of young men and women rushed to join the military so that they too could follow in Kyle’s footsteps, and b) Americans who may have begun entertaining certain doubts about the benefits of America’s warmongering in the Middle East had those doubts removed.

Were there any functioning brain cells left in the collective mind of America, the American people would have revolted en masse against an obvious piece of pro-war propaganda. However, they loved it and continue to pour into the theatres to see it. As an American who pays close attention to the political/social pulse of the nation, I can state with confidence that Americans will not cease acting as Israel’s hired guns based upon any intellectual or moral pretenses, but rather because something absolutely cataclysmic takes place on a grand scale to where they have no choice but to withdraw.

Source: Farsnews English