Lyndsay Bowes


Continuous “Brainwashing” from the media is failing

Hate-driven media is falling on deaf ears, argues one activist.

Lyndsay Bowes, a grassroots activist, argues that things are changing and that young people are becoming more aware.

I totally agree with all that he is saying to the youth of the west.

It’s totally true, and part of my mission too, to help people see the brainwashing by our western medias to hate ‘muslims’ and ‘islam’. It’s not working though!

Yes, there are people who fall for the brainwashing, but we are battling those people about all issues anyways. They want the world to stay the same, we want to change it.

Brief Bio:
Lyndsay Bowes, is a fervent Canadian social activist and a grassroots voice for peace.

Source: Facebook