Lisa Guliani


Former Internet-based Political Talk Show Host, Political writer, Researcher, Activist, Conscientious Objector

I think it’s an important message, valuable not only to the youth of this world, but to everyone. The controlled establishment press, which operates globally, uses variations of effective intelligence tactics in order to mentally condition people, to ‘erase’ former beliefs and instill new ones. People, particularly here in the West, have fallen prey to these mental manipulations and have largely ceased to think for themselves or to question what media tells them to think. A Pavlovian public exists, at least here in the United States. I hope when people read Khamenei’s message, it gives them pause to explore more deeply on their own, because with increased knowledge comes clearer understanding, and in this way, we inform our collective and individual consciences – critically needed in today’s world. Or so it seems to me.