Dr. Randy Short


American Historian & Researcher, University of Virginia

Dear August Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyid Ali Khamenei:

Beloved holy man and head of the Islamic Republic of Iran, It is my pleasure and honor to write to you in a public way to hail your courageous and compassionate attempt to connect to the young people in the Western world. Your correct and right decision to take the higher road and speak to the people is a powerful example of your wisdom, humility, and fervent desire for world peace and stability. We in the Western nations have in our minds a Hollywood-crafted image of a toxic, barbaric, cynical, irreligious, and violent faith whose followers are exclusively Bedouin Arabs. I believe this missive of yours should not be your last, and I hope you invite youth to come to Iran and see it as I have done. We can break down the walls of those who thrive on sectarian violence, oppression, racism, and imperialism. Further, I might add dear Leader, that your efforts will bear even more fruit if there is a regular issuance of letters didactical in nature that furnishes your audience with liberatory information at the first point of contact, and some of your thoughts should be supported by young Iranians who seek to both defend their homeland and bring peace and understanding. I cannot thank you enough for your loving tweets regarding the African American situation and that of the Palestinians. It is my prayer that the plight of the people of Libya, West Papua (New Guinea), the non-Hindu people in India, Muslims in Sri Lanka, and the Haratine in Mauritania too have a few moral words of support from your holiness. I extend myself as someone who is anxious to learn more about Shia Islam and to share what I know with others.

God bless and protect you, and please think about a state-of-the-art website in multiple languages where the true history of Iran and Islam can be accessed. Finally, your state television service PressTV needs to be greatly expanded and its output supported by a collection for persons in think-tanks and intellectuals to aid in the mission of sharing proper and correct information. It is my hope that your satellites will soon be able to send the correct news that people need to hear. Inshallah, we will meet in person. You resemble my great grandfather and I think of him each time I see your portrait on the wall of my room. God bless you and all the Iranians and peace-loving people in the Dar al Islam. I was detained for 5 hours yesterday in the Trudeau Airport in Montreal, Canada, because politicians do not want people like myself learning about Iran or non-Wahhabist Islam. I told the people I would gladly go again.

Lovingly Yours, Dr. Randy Short