Caleb Maupin


American Journalist & Political Analyst

I was very moved to discover that the leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran had chosen to address the youth of Europe and North America. It shows that he is very interested in the events taking place far beyond the borders of the Islamic Republic, and he is closely tuned in to world events.

His letter showed that he has a very clear understanding of the way western media functions, and how it influences us. He also indicated that he had a strong amount of confidence in us.

For so long, the United States has been inflicting terrorism and war crimes against the world. The high standard of living enjoyed by previous generations in this country was purchased with blood. Millions died in Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere in order to ensure that the US remained central in the world economy. Part of the reason these wars have continued has been the passive support of so much of the population here.

The Supreme Leader has confidence that this new generation can be better than that. We can aspire to actually stand up for truth and justice, see beyond the deception, and change the world.

To see that a leader on the other side of the planet, has such confidence in me and my peers was very moving.

I intend to do exactly as the Supreme Leader suggested. It is a big mistake to decide what to believe about something without conducting a thorough investigation. Opinions should be based not on impressions, rumors, or heresy, but on facts. I do not know very much about Islam.

As someone who grew up as a protestant Christian, I have great reverence and admiration for Jesus Christ and his teachings. It was not until I visited Iran in 2014 that I discovered that Islam also has admiration and reverence for Jesus Christ. Why did my teachers and professors not inform me of this? Why did the media not indicate this?

I am confident that there is a great deal about Islam that will surprise me. I intend to investigate Islam for myself, so I can discover what it is really about.

Youth in the United States are discouraged from investigating Islam. If a young person shows interest in Islam and begins to investigate, his peers will say “Is he going to become a terrorist?” Students have even been reported to the police for researching Islam. In the small town in Ohio that I grew up in, I was taught that Islam was a “terrorist religion.” I was taught that on 9/11, the US was attacked by “Muslims who hate our freedom.” Young men in my town enlisted in the armed forces during the Iraq war because they “wanted to kill some Muslims.”


Millions of people in the United States, especially in the Southern and Midwestern regions have never met a Muslim, and have absolutely no idea what Islam is about. The only information they have about Islam is what they have been told by Zionist media.


In the urban areas there is more tolerance and knowledge, but this is not representative of the entire United States.


During the lead up to the 2004 invasion of Iraq, many people in the United States believed that Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were close friends. Others believed that Iran and Saudi Arabia were allies.


The US media works to minimize the history of the Middle East, and the many differences among Muslims, and states throughout the region. They don’t speak of Takfiris, or Wahhabis. They speak only of “Muslims”, and present them as a singular group of violent extremists.


This narrative serves Israel. It is a Zionist narrative that makes Israel look like a victim, surrounded by dangerous extremists, who desperately needs US assistance and protection.


However, the Supreme Leader is correct in his letter. The younger generation of people in the United States indeed has the ability to look beyond this. Information technology has made it very easy to see reality, if one is willing.


The rise of protests like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, show a growing disconnect between the youth of the United States and the government.


Our generation is quite unhappy, and in our discontent, we are driven to search for answers. This will mean learning the truth about Islam, and not just Islam, but also about Zionism, Imperialism, and the forces that work to demonize Islam.


Lies can only work temporarily. Eventually the truth comes through, and when it does, everything constructed on the lies comes crashing down.