In the Name of Truth,

Simply put, we are truth seekers. The fact that you are here suggests that you are one of us as well. We believe that every human is in search of an ultimate reality that is universally comprehensible. In a world choked by misrepresentation and disinformation, our site aims to “build bridges” that bypass all informational bottlenecks. If we are to find the truth, we must look beyond mainstream media and embark on an active quest for knowledge.

Letter For Truth

Letter For Truth

We are a group of youth living in the West, who have found it necessary to embark on this initiative after reading the letter of the world-renowned scholar Sayyid Ali Khamenei; a letter which addresses Western society directly. We hope to share this message with our fellow peers in order to work towards creating a more genuine and better world. We strongly believe that this letter can assist all of us in guiding the development of modern civilization to build individuals, families and societies that are naturally inclined towards the search for truth.

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